6-Phase Performance Management System

At Umansky & Associates, we pride ourselves on delivering the most relevant information to the people in your organisation.  It is possible that not all phases are required within your organisation – these phases can, therefore, be customised to your needs. 

Phase 1

Establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for individuals within an organisation.

Phase 2

Establishing a process for Performance Management Reviews.

Phase 3

Creating a Performance Appraisal Document.

Phase 4

Training in how to conduct Performance Management Reviews.

Phase 5

Follow-up training.

Phase 6

Evaluation of the system.

Establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for individuals within an organisation

Establishing a Process for Performance Management Reviews

The process for your Management Review system would be determined through discussions with key  individuals. Documentation of your system would include:

1. Performance Management Timetable
2. Pre interview Guidelines
3. Interview Guidelines
4. Post interview Guidelines
5. Career Path Discussion Guidelines

Creating a Performance Appraisal Document

Through discussions with key personnel, our existing Performance Management Document can be tailored to your specific needs.

Training in how to conduct Performance Management Reviews

The program will be structured to support a Performance and Career Management Process.
The initial part of the program will explore the rationale behind the Performance Management Process as a management tool.  The second part of the program introduces Counselling and Interviewing Skills.

The topics to be covered include Characteristics of a Good Performance Management System; Planning and Structuring Interviews; Counselling Skills; Feedback; and Managing Conflict.

The program is run in a workshop format. The process is interactive with formal input from the facilitator leading to group discussions and activities. Participants examine case studies and work in small groups. Each participant will have the opportunity to role-play a Performance Management Interview.

In order to tailor this training program to your organisation’s needs, we would expect to work closely with staff to ensure the material and philosophy are in keeping with that of the organisation. Underlying themes running throughout the training program will be communication and motivation.

Follow-up Program

The half-day follow-up of the Performance Management Program the following year reviews the key points from the original program and introduces new material.


In the Evaluation process interviews are conducted with the employees who received Performance Interviews as well as managers who conducted Performance Interviews. These structured interviews will give feedback to management on how both interviewees and interviewers found the PMR system,
as well as providing information for the direction of future training.