SMARTS Program for Academic Success

Attain academic excellence by enhancing self-awareness, self regulation and self-motivation to be equipped for academic success. 

SMARTS is an acronym for Study habits, Motivation, Attitude, Relaxation, Time  Management and Stress Management.

Rochelle Umansky
Psychologist & Former Secondary School Teacher

The SMARTS program for students is devised by Rochelle Umansky and offers a systematic approach to maximising your academic potential. The SMARTS program can be offered to individuals or student groups in upper secondary schools or universities.

"I felt so overwhelmed I didn’t know how to get started”

Do you have the right Study Habits?

This module focuses on understanding and awareness of your current study practices and individual learning style.  Students are asked to reflect on their own approach to study and develop strategies to enhance their study effectiveness. Attention is given to the physical environment, using your body clock, mind mapping, techniques for doing the work you don’t feel like doing, and getting the help you need.

"I was not aware that trying to be perfect was blocking my progress"

Are you under motivated or over motivated?

This module encourages students to explore what motivates them and the value of visualizing their goals.  It contains exercises to help clarify goals and set achievable, measurable and realistic goals for the short and medium term.  It also looks at perfectionism, which disguises as a motivator but can often be immobilising.

“If things didn’t go my way, I immediately think it's a catastrophe”

Do you have a helpful Attitude towards your studies and life generally?

This module looks at the centrality of attitude in determining how we feel and how we behave. It helps identify common cognitive distortions and techniques for challenging them. The emphasis is on thinking clearly, realistically and positively.

"I was able to think much more clearly after swimming 15 laps"

Is Relaxation on your agenda?

This module emphasizes the importance of a balance between work, rest and play for academic success and a healthy lifestyle.  Recreational options are brainstormed and several relaxation exercises are experienced.

"I missed out on a Distinction because late penalty marks were taken off my assignment"

Are you aware that Time Management is the secret to success?

This module looks at how to plan, prioritise, organize, and schedule so that time is used effectively.  Exercises provide the opportunity to develop “chunking” skills to break big tasks into smaller, more manageable ones.  Students identify their own time wasters and develop techniques to overcome procrastination tendencies. 

"I never realized how much being stressed could affect my performance"

Are you stressed out and need practical advice on Stress Management?

This module explains what stress is, the stress response and how it affects performance.  It helps students to identify their specific stressors and their own physical, mental, emotional and behavioral stress signals.  It offers a variety of strategies for keeping stress manageable.

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